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Once again, here is a compilation album of one entire year of music. Interestingly enough this actually doesn’t include everything I’ve written this year as I still have a few projects that are in progress (including a game score and a very large symphony). They will be available in due time.

This includes the scores for The Ark, HYD, Dormir, Blessed Our Father, and The Reckoning symphony as well as some of my personal projects, including Nocturne for a Scientist (symphonic poem for a Luminarium art exhibit, which hasn’t been released on the website yet [Yay for extra special bonuses!]), as well as The Princess and the Assassin, Legends, and a couple of electronic pieces to break up the monotony.

This entire compilation is available on the photo blog for free if you’d prefer it that way. I’ve never really believed in charging money for music, but if someone happens by and wants to throw some change my way for it, I’m always alright with that!


  1. Brett W.

    Now this is where you start to hit your stride. Our “Let’s browse random Wikipedia articles until we come up with interesting names relating to astrophysics” Skype conversations are probably my favorite part, but that doesn’t mean the music wasn’t pretty excellent. You did have the same track three times more or less (Abaddon, Exaseconds, and Black Holes, although Black Holes is definitely the best of the three and makes me happy in my pants). The Electric Symphony still holds up as one of your best works and the Skyward remix was interesting, at least to a non-Zelda fan.

    The riffs towards the beginning of Chaotic Inflation remind me of Blade Runner in a weird way, and that’s always a good thing. Explorers remains one of my favorite ambient set of tracks to date, and my biggest complaint about them is that the voice-over at the beginning is terrible… which I know you had no control over. On reflection, this album kind of makes me hate you because no one deserves to be this good this young.


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