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It astounds me that college is blowing by at such an alarming rate; seems like it was, max, 6 months ago that I was moving in to a freshman dorm on a 102 degree day in August. Now we’ve been from there to two different apartments, met a new group of friends, and grown up with them in photos and in music in two short years. And the music’s just getting longer and more complex, and there’s more of it; this compilation album is up to nearly three hours worth of music (last year was just under two hours). I built a new computer this year for the express purpose of handling the workload I was throwing at it. Stuff’s changing. We press ever onward.

Anyways, as promised, here is a years worth of all the music that I’ve made minus one or two cues from projects that weren’t long enough to be officially included. The scores from the Senior theses and AP’s I scored this year are all in here (Shelter, Ghostbusted, The Temp, Bradley No Friends, among others), along with rescoring projects from school, the Electric Symphony, the Jekyll & Hyde Symphony, and all the trance/electronica from the last year. Everything has been mixed down and mastered at 320kb/s mp3 as usual because quality is awesome. Hit up the album art for the download (439mb), have fun with it in iTunes. Enjoy, it’s a labor of love.

This entire compilation is available on the photo blog for free if you’d prefer it that way. I’ve never really believed in charging money for music, but if someone happens by and wants to throw some change my way for it, I’m always alright with that!


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