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June to June, a year in music. Everything in here is everything that I’ve written from June 2010 to June 2011. Most of these are already available on the website, but here there are now, categorized, artworked, and ready to be added to your iTunes. Included in this release is all electronic music from forever, random tracks from jam sessions at friends houses, and all of the school projects and scores I did this year, including all of the tracks for Insertion (including a few tracks that were unreleased until now) and everything from A New Man, the Advanced Production from the film school that I scored. It’s a total of 2 hours of solid music.

This entire compilation is available on the photo blog for free if you’d prefer it that way. I’ve never really believed in charging money for music, but if someone happens by and wants to throw some change my way for it, I’m always alright with that!

Also of note: I don’t believe in compression. It makes music sound miserable, and despite what you all think you CAN hear the difference. Therefore, this is a massive download at 200mb. Deal with it, the end result sounds better.


  1. Brett W.

    You kind of sucked way back when, but this shit was still pretty sweet. The kindest thing I can probably say is that your scores were the best part of these film projects, and the side projects that are clearly “I’m going to do a thing because I want to do a thing,” then you went and dicked around for a while came out refined and well-made. Nothing too catchy on this compilation, although I thought the climax to A New Man was pretty sweet (much better imagining the story than actually watching it). Some repetitive beats, but overall fun to listen to.

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