[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Electric%20Symphony%20v2/mp3%20Renders/Movement%201.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Electric%20Symphony%20v2/mp3%20Renders/Movement%202.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Electric%20Symphony%20v2/mp3%20Renders/Movement%203.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Title%20Pending/Electric%20Symphony%20v2/mp3%20Renders/Movement%204.mp3|titles=The Electric Symphony- Mvmt 1; Overture,The Electric Symphony- Mvmt 2; Intermezzo,The Electric Symphony- Mvmt 3; Requiem, The Electric Symphony- Mvmt 4; Ascent]

While I was up in Seattle for the last two weeks, there wasn’t much to do for the majority of the time. To pass the time, I spent most of it on the computer writing an electric symphony.

Classical symphonies have very strict form- I took some of this to heart and then took creative liberties with the rest of it. There are four movements, combining for a total listening time of 37.5 minutes. This was an exceptionally large project.

Clicking play will start the symphony; it will automatically cycle through the entire piece. If you want to re-listen to a particular movement/section, use the red arrows to navigate. Hope you all enjoy.