[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/The%20Ark/Astrocomm.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/The%20Ark/Improper%20Integration.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/The%20Ark/Leaving%20Earth.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/The%20Ark/End%20Credits.mp3|titles= Astrocomm, Improper Integration, Leaving Earth, End Credits]

Score for Sam’s AP, “The Ark”, which screens at Chapman University in Folino Theater on December 11th. In typical musical tradition, the score is releasing the night before. Mixed in 5.1 for extra epic on the final cut. This was my “big” score for the semester.

“The Ark” is a sci-fi drama about humanity reaching the technological singularity (read up on this), and what happens to those caught in the events that follow.

Some nice album artwork and 4 cues @ 320kbps awaiting at the download. Enjoy.

Click the artwork to download.