From the description I wrote for The Luminarium: “Only stars of sufficient mass are large enough to fuse silver in the core collapse. Gone are the endless orchestral instruments here, replaced by subdued, flowing synths and downbeat rhythmic pulses. The idea is to echo the stellar formation of elemental silver, from stellar core collapse to supernova nucleosynthesis, and to accretion of the element in the resultant rocky worlds.”

Written for The Luminarium’s 25th exhibit, Silver. The exhibit is full of some amazing artwork, and I highly suggest you go check it out if you have not already.

Maximus is a 22 minute digital symphonic work in the usual three movement format, with each movement building progressively on the themes and motives in the movement preceding it. The idea behind this project was to portray concepts inherent in supernovae and black holes like power, scale, speed, and ferocity. All the same, I wanted to avoid writing in the style I usually write, with ten thousand horns blasting in front of ten thousand strings. I wanted to keep the tone epic (because that’s what I like to write), but also attempt to reel in the instrumentation and stay somewhat sparse.

I hope it worked.