[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Overture.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Jekyll.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/To%20Split%20the%20Soul.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Hyde.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Jekyll’s%20Lament.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Climax.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Finale.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Jekyll%20&%20Hyde/Final/Epilogue.mp3|titles= Overture, Jekyll, To Split the Soul, Hyde, Jekyll’s Lament, Climax, Finale, Epilogue]

A 38 minute programmatic symphony following the story line of Jekyll and Hyde, as was interpreted by myself and a friend on a more true-to-original horror note. This symphony was inspired by my grandfather when he took me to see a Jekyll and Hyde silent film accompanied by an organ; I was completely hooked by the story, but wanted to give it justice and not present a cartoonish personification of it, as the silent film had done (it was borderline slapstick comedy at times). As a result, this symphony came about, taking almost 9 months to write.

Clicking the artwork starts a download with all movements, program notes, and cover art.