[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/I%20Was%20Made%20For%20You.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/Storm%20Cells.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/I’m%20Here%20Because%20She%20Isn’t.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/Maya.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/Dormir.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/Muse.mp3,http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/Dormir/Methadone%20Sunrise.mp3|titles= I Was Made For You,Storm Cells,I’m Here Because She Isn’t,Maya,Dormir,Muse,Methadone Sunrise]

I agreed to do this score sometime last year. This was an ambitious thesis project directed by the same man who did GhostBusted (AP from last year). He liked what we did on his AP, so I have returned to provide sweet, sweet music for his thesis!

The storyline of Dormir follows a young, successful artist who struggles with drug addiction, falling hopelessly in love with a dream girl along the way. I shall attempt not to spoil anything because the film is awesome, and I will have a link to it at some point in the future. Until such time; enjoy the score. Included here is just one track of the entire score; there are 7 cues/tracks in all.


Click the artwork to download.