[audio:http://www.scottquent.in/Scores/Cronus/The%20Relentless.mp3,http://www.scottquent.in/Scores/Cronus/Athenas%20Pearl.mp3,http://www.scottquent.in/Scores/Cronus/The%20Dregs.mp3,http://www.scottquent.in/Scores/Cronus/Benton.mp3,http://www.scottquent.in/Scores/Cronus/Cronus.mp3|titles=The Relentless, Athena’s Pearl, The Dregs, Benton, Cronus]

Score for Andrew Evers’ Cronus, a project long in the works that just screened tonight at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.


“Sam Vermeer has always strived to be like his father, famed admiral Janek Vermeer. That’s why he became a space-fighter pilot and why he fought in a brutal civil war. But, when he loses his rank and the respect of his father, he goes down a dark and dangerous path that challenges everything he thought he knew about his father and his ideals, and forces him to confront the most terrifying thing in the universe: the truth.”

Hit the artwork below for a download with cover art at 320kb/s.

Cronus | OST