In February I was approached for a graphic design project involving a number of infographics, a photoshoot, and compositing work/editing. After portions of the project were completed and later scrapped, the parties who commissioned the work decided that it wasn’t necessary to pay for the unfinished work or compensate me for the time spent on the project.

Thus, I have not been paid in full for this project. At the very least, I am going to attempt to get some portfolio exposure out of this work as I am happy with the creative result. Until the folks at Naviz Software and C2S Technologies in Bellevue, Washington agree to pay their hired graphic designers the full invoiced bill instead of what they’ve decided is an “acceptable and fair amount”, this description is staying here. I’d advise any graphic designers who have been approached by the people at C2S and Naviz to steer clear.

Either you may pay the invoice in full, or don’t use the work I’ve sent. The choice is quite simple.

Ciel v1