We had pretty much given up any hope of getting a good sunset after sitting at this overlook alone for about an hour and a half. The sun dropped through about six different cloud layers and moved beyond the horizon. No light on the canyon walls, nothing. The sky had turned a nice shade of pink, so I pulled out my phone to take one last shot before getting back in the car. As I pulled my phone up to take the shot, and while staring through the screen, I sort of noticed the light on my fingers turn from greyish-pink to blood-red and orange in about ten seconds, and the phone panorama I had tried to take didn’t stitch well because the light had changed so much from when I had started to when I had finished it. I put my phone down and watched the sky absolutely catch fire. Speechless, we sprinted back to the overlook with cameras in tow and captured this as the sun lit up the underside of the cloud layer and ignited the valley below.

People always say something is missing in the photos, and I cannot even express how much this photo doesn’t capture the magnificence of this sunset.