[audio:http://www.scottstedman.com/Music/And%20What%20Follows/And%20What%20Follows%20-%20Mvmt%201.mp3,http://scottstedman.com/Music/And%20What%20Follows/And%20What%20Follows%20-%20Mvmt.%202.mp3|titles= And What Follows – Mvmt. 1, And What Follows – Mvmt. 2]

So, a little about the pretentious title: “And What Follows Is Not Discord, but Eternal Entropy and Ice”. Every time I’ve written any bit of music in the last year or so, I’ve been reading about astrophysics, the universe, quantum physics, and I write with these really vivid images in mind. And every time I’ve released something, I’ve had an accompanying Wikipedia article. This month’s selection isĀ Entropy. Read about it while listening to this. The title itself is a result of a quote one Brett Wilkins found while searching quotes on astrophysics pages. The quote itself refers to the Big Bang, and the expansion of the universe.

This isn’t a symphony, but it’s not a short piece either. 18 minutes of ambient split into two movements, each just over 9 minutes long. No break between movements, which is something new (and a massive pain to do quickly, as I’ve found out…), but each has it’s own character.

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